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You want to actively shape the future and make history yourself? With Witnesses of the Witnesses you can volunteer for the future and shape our work.

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City coordinator - in your city

Become part of our network and get in touch with Shoah survivors and their children and grandchildren.

Click on a pin on the map to find out more information about the work and contact person of Witnesses of the Witnesses in your area.

Team Members
Students reached live
8.050 +
Streaming of YouTube Videos in 2023
48.000 h

Interested? Join us!

We welcome new employees - here is an overview of open positions:

  • Team Lead Digital

    A Team Lead Digital to build a digital education platform that allows teachers or volunteers to find customized content and workshop ideas for their specific issue related to our topic areas. Currently, our content can be found primarily on: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Newsletter, Homepage.

  • Job offers

    Job offers

You want to get involved in your town or have an idea to contribute? Contact us!

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