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In doing so, we look back at history and biographies, shaped by the Shoah, in order to gain a clear view of anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism today. We shape the future through German-Israeli exchange and joint educational projects with Jewish partners.

Our patroness Melody Sucharewicz

Get out of the unimaginativeness! Sending students to concentration camp memorials is not enough. A stay in a kibbutz in Israel as a student weakens the anti-Semitism virus in the long term. It depathologizes. Israel in the school curriculum must not be reduced to the Middle East conflict, just as Judaism must not be reduced to the Holocaust. I am pleased about the work of Witnesses of the Time, which has understood exactly that and wish much success in the multiplication of educational activities.

Melody Sucharewicz
Melody Sucharewicz
Melody was born in Munich in 1980. She emigrated to Israel in 1999 after graduating from high school. After studying anthropology, sociology and business management in Tel Aviv, she won the position as Israel's special ambassador through special rhetorical and diplomatic skills, which she demonstrated before the UN in New York, among others. Today she works internationally as a consultant in the private and public sector.

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